Belly fat

19 Jun

Why women starts to get belly fat?

Many women start to get fat in the stomach area with age, especially after menopause. Schedule of body weight is changing – less fat goes to the arms, legs, and hips, and more in the central part of the body. Some people are even wider waist until their weight remains the same! However, the steps in our article >> HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT << will help you to be deprived of fat on the abdomen.

Another benefit of exercise is stress reduction and insulin level regulation, which reduces the presence of cortisol, a hormone that causes the accumulation of belly. Since cortisol causes an increase in this area and is associated with stress, all you can do to reduce stress in your life will also indirectly reduce the fat in the stomach.

How to burn belly fat?

Another way to burn more belly fat is to walk whenever possible. You will save money on gasoline, and neither will abrade your car. You can also save money that would have given for a parking space, taxi, bus or metro ticket. All you need are comfortable shoes (elegant shoes in your bag if necessary) and walk, walk, walk. The more you stay in shape, walk faster on the shuttle and see how funny people are stuck in the car during rush hour.

Eat small meals for dinner. Heavy dinners can harm the process of removing fat because most people are not very active after dinner. Do not eat few hours before you go to bed. The claim that all dinner you eat turns into fat is not so true. The process is much more complicated than that, but the fact that we are not moving much after dinner is enough. Dinner you can catch up so you will eat more abundant lunch or healthy snack before dinner.

If you have a very strong desire for sweets, you can replace it with some fruit but not a banana. Fruit sugars are digested differently than empty calories of white sugar found in most candy and processed foods. Fruit fiber also slows the absorption of sugar so you will not get a sudden attack of sugar.


Warnings; Are You doing exercise for belly fat wrong?


If you only practice the classic sit-ups and sit-ups for a small stomach can cause the release of larger amounts of fat, because the abdominal muscles grow and belly fat is pushing forward to making it seem larger and thicker.

If you have lost weight or have had a baby, you have excess skin in the abdomen that will not go away no matter how much fat you burn. You will know exactly how much excess skin you have if you burn belly fat that surrounds it. It is also possible that it will tighten the skin when you lose fat in the stomach. Some higher Q body lotions such as Nivea Q10 can tighten up your skin.lose belly fat

Just follow some simple belly fat exercise regime and combine it with Raspberry Ketone and you will be just fine:)

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