How to lose belly fat

13 Jun
  1. Doing the exercises can help you lose belly fat.


Aerobic exercise will help you to remove fat from the entire body including the belly fat. You can not target just burn fat on the stomach while doing exercise you will lose body fat in general but firstly it will burn belly fat. I just try to focus on exercises that burn calories rather than on the classic sit-ups and sit-ups for a small stomach. If your fat deposits covering the abdominal muscles, no strengthening of these muscles will not change this fact. The key is aerobic exercise.


  1. Go to endurance training.


Studies show that combining cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise and endurance training can be effective in eliminating fat deposits on the stomach than cardiovascular exercise alone. The exercises on endurance training can be no load on equipment for exercise or resistance bands.


  1. Reduce calorie intake and calorie foods replace with less caloric one to reduce belly fat.


If you do not restrict calories, you will not lose the fat the stomach. There are some tactics to help you eliminate it quickly, but only when you cut down the calories. Exercise after overeating will make the things even worse.

how to lose belly fat

  1. Eat healthy fats to cut belly fat.


Studies show that a diet with a higher ratio of unsaturated fat (in avocados, stone fruits, seeds, soybeans, chocolate) can prevent the accumulation of both types of fat in the abdomen. However, some experts argue that these fats can help you be forfeited only belly fat, but that anyone who is fed low-calorie foods to lose weight (regardless of where they come from these calories) and, as noted earlier text, fat on the abdomen first off.

It seems that trans fats (which can be found in margarine, crackers, biscuits – all with a partially hydrated fat) create more room in the stomach. So, avoid such foods as much as possible.


  1. Use more fiber in your diet.


Degradable fiber (apples, cherries, oats) reduce insulin levels, which, as we have already noted, accelerating abdominal fat burning.

Foods with fiber should be gradually included into your diet. If you are taking 10 grams of fiber per day, the next days just cross the 35 gr. It takes a time to the natural bacteria in your digestive system adjust to the new intake of fiber.

Leave the peel on fruits and vegetables! By including more fruits and vegetables in your diet more fiber will be intake, but only if you eat the peel because all the fibers are just in it. So do not peel apples before you eat them. If you eat potatoes, try to leave the skin in the dish (for baked potatoes or mashed). Also, it is important to know that if it does not peel when cooking, will remain more vitamins and minerals in the meat granola-heads. Just do not eat the skin areas that are green.

Eat more soup from dried peas since it powerful high-fiber foods.Just one cup of these foods contains 16.3 grams of protein!

  1. Motivate yourself so that you will see the risks carried by belly fat.


Melting fat the belly does not have to be just an aesthetic goal; knowledge of the health problems associated with it can motivate you to remove it. Fat on the stomach is associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. In particular, it comes to the deepest layer of fat that you can not see or tighten. The reason is as follows: internal fat cells actually produce hormones or other substances that may affect your health (increase insulin resistance and carry the risk of breast cancer). The fact is that these fats are found next to and between the internal organs in your abdominal cavity. Fat located near the liver makes fat as a risk factor for increasing the resistance of tissues to insulin, creating the conditions for diabetes type 2 diabetes.


Do you have unhealthy waist size?


Measure the waist at the navel level. Is considered unhealthy if measuring tape shows more than 89 cm (women) or 102 (for men).

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