SuperGreens Powder

17 Aug

What is SuperGreens Powder?

SuperGreens Powder by Evolution Slimming is one of the best Supergreen food supplement available.
A potent combination of ingredients mixed together for ideal health support and perfect body nutrition.

  • How supergreens can helpSUPERGREENS POWDER
  • It improves your health
  • Support your immune system with strong antioxidants
  • Rejuvenate your body inside out, clearing all toxins.
  • SupperGreens Powder is nothing less than Perfect for kids.
  • This is a picture-perfect way to raise the levels of healthy food intake in whole family.

You can make a green shake from it or even a tasty soup.
Super Greens Powder is strong nutritional food supplement loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and probiotic fibres.


Here is what you can find inside SuperGreens powder formula

1. Beetroot Juice Powder – This powder works as a performance booster. Thanks to high nitrite levels it will give you much more energy while your oxygen levels are higher. nitrite from the Beetroot can lower the pressure in your vascular system and provides better blood flow. Your heart will not be under the pressure while you doing exercise. It will also benefit after workout recovery.

 2. Tomato Powder – Tomato powder is mighty source of lycopene and vitamin C. It can be called the immune bomb, since it can do magic for your immune system. It can benefit you on multiple levels including better bones health, sun protect and prostate saver.


3. Spinach Powder – Spinach powder is loaded with vitamin A that makes it good for your skin ( it can help you with wrinkles reduction, acne and psoriasis) This is possible because it provides proper moisture retention in the skin. Vitamin A can also help you with some other eyes related issues like cataract etc. Rich in Flavonoids that actually is anti cancer substance.


4. Lecithine Powder – Naturally can be found in soybeans and egg yolks. actually it is a fat our body need to function properly. Its powder is used as a medicine for memory issues, some skin diseases and depression.


5. Barley Grass Powder – Rich in protein and minerals.  This plant can help people suffering from arthritis sins it can deliver optimal nutrients and mineral directly to your joints. It is unavailable joint and health support for a healthy life.


6.  Wheat Grass Powder – White grass powder contains more than 30 beneficial enzymes. Its most common use as a rejuvenation aid provides such amazing results that we had to ask, does it rejuvenate our body inside too? We found that actually can since it has so many minerals and vitamins. It also has other positive outcomes we found while doing the research
It can improve digestion, clear your blood from toxins and help you lose weight.


7.  Alfalfa Extract – Alfaalfa extract can block cholesterol absorption in gut. It is also great help for kidneys function and can help with other urinal issues.


8.  Siberian Ginseng Powder – Siberian Ginseng Powder has the ability to strengthen the body and increase general resistance to daily stress. It can help raise mental alertness and memory improvement.


9.  Carrot Powder – loaded with the vitamins B and C and phytonutrients, carrot powder can help improve your vision, purifies your blood. Normalise Ph levels in the body. It is also strong antioxidant.


10.  Astragalus Powder – Probably the strongest immunostimulant. Astragalus Powder is rich in Selenium, polysaccharides and flavonoids. It has sweet taste.



11.  Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract is widely known as the best antioxidant. It has the ability to clear the body from toxins. It also support weight loss since it has fat burning properties.


12.  Bilberry Powder – It can support your vision. It is also used for blood veins problems like hemorrhoids and hardening of the arteries.


13.  Spirulina Powder – Spirulina powder has anti-inflammatory ability and is rich in gamma linolenic acid that is hard to find in other plants and naturally is produced by our body. Spirulina helps remove toxins from the blood and is loaded with 3.6 and 9 Omega vitamines.


14.  Broccoli Extract – Phytonutrients in Broccoli has the protective abilities.


15.  Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Ginkgo Biloba Extract is used for memory disorders since it has the ability to improve the blood flow in the brain.


16. Grape Seed Extract – Rich in polyphenols which means it has antioxidant activity.

Where to buy SuperGreens Powder?

The purest SuperGreens Powder you can find at the official manufacturers online store. Why do we claim so?
First of all you will get the original product and secondly your purchase will be covered with 30 day money-back guarantee. There is other benefits if you get it from there such as free delivery, multiple SuperGreens Powder orders savings and customer support.
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